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Everyone Can Plan, the book is part of a unique three-component offering, including a complete financial planning app for mobile phone users and a sample spreadsheet for those who plan to create a plan manually. The app will be available shortly in the Apple App and Google Play store.

The purpose of the book and app is to allow anyone to produce a financial plan quickly and securely. The app design incorporates automatic calculations to build a plan. These include estimating taxes, streaming income from retirement accounts, house appreciation, and investment growth. All user data is stored on the device and has no external tracking. The app provides a unique offering for personal financial planning.

Personal financial planning is complex and not actively taught in school. The financial challenges are ever-changing, from eliminating traditional pensions in the 1980s to the recent pandemic that affected millions of jobs.

Using a professional to help with financial planning has its challenges. Less than 1%  of the US population uses a certified financial planner due to the high costs. Financial institutions offer planning help but are motivated to upsell their products and services.

Online financial planning tools have additional challenges with exposure to your personal data.

The most popular personal financial planning books offer advice but rarely provide corresponding tools to implement a plan.

Initially available in US English

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