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Once I add my current finances and then add some future events I see lots of Red warning dots…what should I do?

The red warning dots show your cash flow (income minus expense) is negative and you do not have any savings available for that year to make up the shortfall. There are a number of options.
1. First is to recheck your annual expenses and see if these are correct. If you used the default values initially calculated when the app started, you may have assumed these were correct, when they might not have been. You can adjust these at any time ensuring you are in the current year of the model, then tapping Expense and then tapping any category that needs to be adjusted. If these are correct, and you have a future year showing a red dot warning, then you don’t have enough savings. Either change your salary deductions for salary to withhold to build up savings, or insure that your initial starting balance for Savings (Tap Assets -Savings) is correct.
2. If all is correct, then you would either need to find another way to increase your income for that year, or consider using credit to fund the event. Using credit is not ideal, but it will help you spread the payment over time. If the event is a One-time expense you have the option to use Credit or Savings to help pay for the event. Credit will spread the payments over a series of years where Savings will be used for the year of the event. For Buying a House or Vehicle you cannot add the down payment to the credit card, so it will try to use the available Savings.

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